22-May-2018Stanford, CA(6 miles)Pet fish for sale
http://today.slac.stanford.edu/fm/rss.aspx?feed=fm&item=6407 SUPER CONDITION $30
22-May-2018Stanford, CA(6 miles)Pet fish for sale
My sweet betta fish passed away on May last year and I haven't used it since. I washed the whole thing out and scrubbed it well. It's in terrific condition. Comes with crystal beads for the floor, plastic plants, automatic heater, thermometer, filter (you do have to buy a cartridge for that) and led light. It comes in the original box with instructions. I still have my fish's betta food (I have...
22-May-2018Stanford, CA(6 miles)Pet fish for sale
Leaving Stanford in a couple of months so thought I sell off this miniature aquarium / fish tankthat has been with me for about eight months. The whole setup cost me about 60 or so but selling it low in the hope of getting a better home for the betta. setup includes: light, very quiet waterfall type filter, gravel, heater. Let me know if you are interested! The betta fish is really hardy, able ...
Squire, Tetra and Star are really lovable, friendly, curious, and playful! They did good in their Toni's Kitty Rescue foster home. Please adopt young kittens in pairs -- pair up these little loves with each other and other kittens that are available. T...
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